Rana K Abolfotoh
The Information Sources of the Foreign Residents in Egypt about Current Events (A Field Study)
Abstract This study identifies the information sources of the foreign non-Arab residents in Egypt about the current events and investigates the role of the Egyptian and international newspapers and magazines in providing them with such information about the important issues and affairs, shedding lights on the foreigners' motivations behind reading the different kinds of newspapers and magazines and the gratifications obtained by such usage. Within the framework of the uses and gratifications approach and media dependency theory, the study employs both quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods to come up with deeper illustrations and explanations. 250 respondents participated in the survey while 10 foreign residents participated in the in-depth interviews. One of the main hypotheses this study aimed to test was the existence of a positive correlation between the foreigner's motivations behind reading print and online newspapers and magazines and the gratifications obtained. The findings of the research showed that foreign residents in Egypt tended to depend on a mix of sources to acquire information about the current affairs including Egyptian media, media from their homelands as well as international media outlets. A positive correlation was found between the length of the foreigners' stay in Egypt and the degree of their dependence on the Egyptian Arabic language television, newspapers and magazines to get information about the current events. The limitations of this study were explained and recommendations were given to further researchers who would pursue studies in this field in the future.