Ahmed I Ahmed Bahgat Elseddawy
Adapted Model To Improve E-Learning System output By Improving Total Quality Management in Egypt
This research, the reasons for the being of a gap between the electronically higher education output and the employment market needs and requirements has been examined, by trying to improve the higher education inputs which, in go, include four main factors: staff members, students, course contents, and the facilities. An integrated model was designed including 3 main elements in the three factors of inputs in the light of quality management concept. The current gap was proved by the information collected through the exploratory study at hand and the increasing number of the unemployment rate in the Egyptian economy in the last few years was identified. The study discovered the quality concepts related to improving the quality of higher education output, including the quality of staff members, course contents, students, and facilities. Also, the research also explains the different types of models in higher education. The future work will show the three important factors in proposed system will provide to be positive this means that there is a significant relationship between the quality of staff members, course content, students and higher educational output at education systems in Egypt.