Prof.Dr.Ghada El Kot
Human Resource Management research in Egypt, Review of Management special edition for Egypt
This Special Issue of Review of Management presents several human resources management (HRM) research projects being conducted in Egypt by Egyptian academics, in some cases with the participation of other collaborators. Although Egypt is a large country in terms of population with a huge number of organizations –both large and small – relatively little HRM research has been undertaken there. and although Egypt has several schools of business management, relatively little HRM research has been conducted by academics working in them. There are several reasons for this lack of attention given to HRM research in Egypt. First, although the number is increasing, relatively few Egyptian academics have been trained to carry out such studies. Second, although there are some Egyptian management journals and magazines, Egyptian academics interested in reporting their HRM studies would rather do so in more prestigious journals published elsewhere. Third, managers in Egyptian organizations have been unwilling to participate in HRM research for fear this research would paint out their managerial shortcomings. The Egyptian economy has not performed very well over the past decade. Unemployment is relatively high. and it has been believed that the Egyptian educational system does not do a good job preparing young women and men for the realities of work in the 21st century. In addition, educated women , similar to women in several other countries, face obstacles in pursuing professional and managerial work and career opportunities. But Egypt is developing several academic programs to equip young women and men for work and careers in all types of organizations –large and small. Egypt has also seen a corresponding increase in studies carried out in this sector to better understand its nature and success factors.