Prof.Dr.Ghada El Kot
How does Knowledge Management drive competitiveness in Egyptian Software Companies?
Purpose: Investigate the relationship between knowledge management, organizational innovativeness and organization competitiveness in an Egyptian context Design/methodology: Data collected from 94 Egyptian software companies. Questionnaires were used. Data were analyzed using correlation analysis and structure equation modeling Findings: Organizational innovativeness is a perfect mediator between knowledge management and sustainable competitive advantage. Research limitation: Using cross sectional data. The sample is relatively small and overrepresented by small and medium sized organizations. The study is conducted in specific context which is Egypt software industry. Originality / value: Investigate the Resource Based View of knowledge management in Egyptian software industry as a new concept. The paper provides an empirical explanation of the mechanism through which the knowledge management affects organization competitiveness. Practical implication: The paper provides managers with support of the importance of knowledge management for organization competitiveness. The paper gives also support for the role of organization innovativeness as a mediator to achieve KM performance outcome. The paper also talked the concept of innovativeness as multidimensional, this view provides mangers with insight about many sources of innovativeness other than the technical innovation that prevail the extant literature. Key words: knowledge Management innovativeness sustainable competitive advantage process capability, Software, mediation, Egypt. Paper type: Research paper