Hesham M. Helal
SAFETY and SECURITY AROUND THE EGYPTIAN COASTS- (Security and Safety in Short Sea Shipping Operations)
Increase of marine causalities due to lack of implementations for Safety and Security standards for Short Sea Shipping Operation along the Egyptian Coasts and erroneous fulfillment of the required procedures. Maritime safety is a crucial issue on the international agenda and specifically in the Mediterranean & Red Sea due to the increasing traffic, recent accidents, and new developments within offshore and facing the challenges in a trans-national perspective. So, it is expected to work around the clock and have an d risk assessment in the Mediterranean & Red Sea to improve procedures & preparedness, improving the crew adherence to procedures, risk assessment of forecasted offshore obstacles, improved decision support for marine rescue coordination centers & finally increased knowledge about safety measures in the Mediterranean & Red Sea. Egyptian Coasts either on the Red Sea The Mediterranean Sea operate Short Sea Shipping Voyages, especially the Container Feeder and General Cargo at The Mediterranean Sea & Ferry Passengers Ships at The Red Sea. Those Short Sea Shipping Voyages are always accompanied with hazards and difficulties. One of the major hazards facing Short Sea Shipping Voyages is the tight schedules for those ships, which affect negatively at the safety and security drills. Thus, the preparedness & the ability to avoid consequences during accidents are reduced. and that could be clearly demonstrated by the two ferry ship accidents which took place at The Red Sea where the crew failed to use the safety equipments efficiently to rescue the passengers, the ship even themselves. This paper will discuss the hazards & difficulties affect the safe navigation on the Red sea & Mediterranean Sea. And, it illustrates the emerging of new concept of Safety Management System & its implementations that cope with the international safety and security measurements. Finally, it highlights the most important recommendations to reduce the accidents around the Egyptian coasts.