Hesham M. Helal
Ships recycling, a booster to toddling economy
Ships recycling is a profitable but a hazardous business, requires a great degree of safety, environmental awareness, and a high managerial skills, topped up with a high marketing ability. The question is, can recycling be established in none shipping country and be as successful as being established in a shipping country? Taking Egypt as example, the eastern borders comprised a long shore-line, with almost no population except few stops counted in one hand, to build up a recycling yard, first this yard would need infra structure, power, water, facilities to accommodate workers, a new community will form. Thence why not, a repair yard can be established since infra structure is there already. Why not establishing a yard for new-buildings, finally the recycled items can be used in the new building, cutting the cost of building itself, and keeping more eyes in the development of the material used during new-building stage. The project from the authors’ point of view will act as a magnet to investors, especially with the rise of a new era in Egypt The idea of ship recycle does not centralize in a mere yard to cut ships in an environmental friendly way, but it is a core for various industries, which can attract another industrial, and commercial communities, if well planned and managed can be a core for mega cities.