Hesham M. Helal
Contributions of Egyptian women to sustainable development in the maritime industry
ABSTRACT This paper aims to study the activation of women's work in the field of maritime transport in EGYPT to prepare a strategic plan that supports the visions and trends affecting the decision-making that serves the interests of women as an active partner in the development. Moreover, it highlights what has Arab women's gained and achieved at various levels for sustainable development, as they became a truly active partner in development in Middle East not as a previous traditional culture in the region, but as represented as half of the society, refusing to remain on the sidelines of events. In addition, they want to be in the storming work in difficult areas and difficult physically and neurologically aspects, and the difficulties and challenges they face and what should be presented to fulfill the rights of women working in the maritime field and strengthen their role in the maritime proving field equality between women and men. Confirming that Arab women are no longer a spectator of what is happening around the Arab world, regionally and globally, but interacting and contributing with the movement of the world around them in all fields and levels.