Ayman H Atteya
ECDIS Status Onboard “Regulations relating to ECDIS
ECDIS as a real-time navigation system integrating variety of charts and navigation-related information that replaces the paper chart is capable of continuously determining the vessel's position in relation to land, charted objects, aids-to navigation, and unseen hazards. Increasingly, ECDIS is becoming more recognized as being used for both navigation and collision avoidance tasks. In this sense, the effective use of ECDIS shows positively that this technology can contribute to safe navigation. However, the navigation process of ECDIS can easily be defeated by the presence of incompetent mariner using such technology, which will surely result in a disaster. As radar and ARPA training are needed to ensure that its functionality and limitations are properly understood, so does the ECDIS. Meanwhile, also type specific training onboard before the use of such technology is a necessity and is the responsibility of the shipping company. Nevertheless, pilots, and VTS operators are also confronted with this new technology they also need training on ECDIS and how to obtain the necessary needed information for the safe navigation inside ports and coastal areas with heavy traffic. In this paper the issues related to Recognition of ECDIS, International Regulations governing the use of ECDIS, type approval, legal status of ECDIS, training, and type specific training shall be highlighted.