Ayman H Atteya
The Role of Value Added Services in port planning and management, a case study for Enhancing Damietta Port Performance
The container terminal of the Port of Damietta during its early years was often cited as a "white elephant" in port development. The terminal was constructed to handle anticipated container transshipment requirements in the Eastern Mediterranean. Yet, for various reasons, the terminal was without any business for years. Only when the shipping company Scan Dutch decided to change its Eastern Mediterranean port of call from Cyprus to Damietta did throughput start to increase sharply. Today, more than twenty years later, Damietta is one of the container ports in the region competing with terminals in Italy, Malta and Cyprus. Moreover new technologies in ship design require port development to meet these improvements. Damietta port is in need to improve the standard of the value added services provided to its clients, these improvements would stimulate the port throughput growth and hence, increase its market share. The through-puts of Damietta port are compared to Dubai ports through-puts as a measure of performance. This paper focuses on, how to face competitors by improving value added services. Then the research is bench-marking Damietta port with Dubai ports in the value added services provided, so that weaknesses in Damietta port are pointed out for the purpose of future improvement.