Mohamed Abdel Salam Ragheb
Antecedents and Consequences of Management Commitment to Service Quality.
Purpose: - The purpose of this paper is to explore the antecedents and consequences of management commitment to service quality through exploring the effect of management commitment to service, job satisfaction, job performance, employee commitment to organizations on service recovery performance model adapted from Bagozzi's (1992) reformulation of attitude theory and turnover intentions through a case analysis of private commercial banks. Design/methodology/approach: - A structured questionnaire was developed. The hypotheses were simultaneously tested on a sample of 408 employees out of 700 distributed, giving a response rate of 58.3 per cent. Several analytical techniques were used to assess the relationships among the variables under investigation such as Pearson correlation, multiple linear regression and chi-square. Hierarchical regression was used to assess to mediating role. Findings: - The findings of this study have shown significant relationships among the variables under investigation. Practical Implications: - It is imperative to better understand how skilled employees can effectively and efficiently cope and manage their commitment to the service quality of the financial system. Furthermore enhancing to a certain extent its positive effect on performance, satisfaction and commitment in a way to increase their recovery performance and reduce even eliminate their intention to leave. This investigation is both timely and important within the Egyptian culture context. Research Limitations: - The research was limited to private commercial banks in Egypt. Also the use of cross-sectional design restricts inferences being drawn regarding casualty. Originality/Value: - Although management commitment to service quality has been the focus of many academic papers, it is rarely defined in a systematic way. The present study contributes to the literature not only by providing empirical support for the frequently hypothesized contributions in adding to the body of knowledge regarding the antecedents and consequences of management commitment to service quality, service recovery performance and turnover intentions within the Egyptian context. Research Type: - Research Paper Key Words: Management commitment to service quality, service recovery performance, Organizational commitment, job satisfaction, job performance, turnover intentions, private commercial banks, Egypt.