Mohamed Abdel Salam Ragheb
Validation of Public Sector Productivity Maximization
ABSTRACT This paper reviews key literature on simulation model validation techniques. One of the most important techniques, developed by Kleijnen (1995b, 2000), is to build a regression metamodel that represents the relationship between the model inputs and model outputs. Then the signs of the regression metamodel coefficients are compared with the true signs. If the signs agree, then the model is valid otherwise, it is not valid. In this paper, a regression metamodel is developed, analyzed and tested. Once the best fit is obtained, a comparison between the regression metamodel coefficients signs and the true signs is conducted. All signs agree with the true ones. In addition, the t-test and the Wilcoxon signed ranks test are used to check the significance of the regression metamodel by comparing the simulation outputs with the predicted outputs from the regression metamodel.