Dr. Ahmed Shola
التنظيم القانوني لشراكة القطاعين العام والخاص في ظل القواعد المنظمة للمنافسة التجارية
There are some problems that stand in front of the State in serving its citizen through its public facilities the first of these obstacles is the need of the necessary funding for the establishment of the basic infrastructure of these public facilities, their development and maintenance under the increase of the state's budget deficiency. The second of these obstacles is the lack of the d and modern technology and the trained personnel needed to provide those services that have developed under the rapid scientific progress. Therefore, many countries have resorted to involve the private sector in the performance of this task, including Egypt which promulgated Law no. 67 of 2010 and its executive regulation to regulate private sector participation in the creation, development, maintenance and operation of the infrastructure and public facilities projects. Accordingly, we will tackle the new legal regulation to highlight its advantages and disadvantages by stating its various rulings and emphasizing the nature of partnership contracts, through highlighting their characteristics, parties and legal nature. In addition we will represent the validity conditions for partnership contract its effect and obligations imposed upon its parties, the rights granted to them, the methods and procedures of terminating it