Rania M. Fawzi
The Emerging Genre of Online Feature Stories: A Case Study of Al Jazeera Online
The study at hand investigates how it has become inevitably important to explore online feature stories as both multimodal and hypertextual news discourse to know more about these emerging genres, their schematic structures and the intersemiotic relations resulting from the integration of such verbal and non-verbal modes. It is also significant to investigate how such integration between the different semiotic modes helps conveying and enriching certain evaluative stance and ideological positioning. Moreover, the current paper approaches the question of how evaluation is related to the structure of online feature stories. In this regard, it explores the generic structure of online feature stories with its multitude modes, distinctive rhetorical structure and layout. It demonstrates how online features can be recognized as a macro genre that includes two interrelated yet independent sub-genres. The study explains as well how generic classification would help tracing the evaluative meanings across all the structural elements of the feature stories to construct an overall evaluative stance.