Rania M. Fawzi
Al Jazeera Stance on the 30th of June Egyptian Events: A Visual Appraisal Analysis of Online Feature Stories
This paper is dedicated to the analysis of Al Jazeera authorial stance on the 30th of June Revolution and the ways through which the social actors are visually identified. It inquires into verbal and visual evaluative meanings in online news discourse, more specifically, in online feature stories. It is concerned with revealing how Al Jazeera stance is constructed through the choices of semiotic resources in the non verbal level. In doing so, the study draws on Martin (2001 2004), Martin & White (2005) and Economou’s (2008 2009) models of appraisal analysis as feasible theoretical frameworks for the appraisal analysis of online feature stories on the visual level. In addition, the analysis integrates with the multisemiotic approach following Kress & van Leeuwen (2006).