Marwa A Abuelwafa
Discourse Tagging of Political Speeches: A Corpus-based Research
This paper discusses the creation of a tag set on the discourse level through tagging various rhetorical devices employed by both the American President Barack Obama in seven of his speeches and the African American leader Martin Luther King in seven of his speeches. This is done on the path of discourse tagging as a means of creating a discourse-based tag set of the devices and annotated corpus of political speeches. This tag set is meant to be fed into a concordance program namely MonoConc Pro 2.2. Once the speeches are manually annotated by the researcher, the tagged speeches are then analyzed by the concordance program searching for and counting the frequencies of the devices. The results help draw conclusions about the style of each character as well as the similarities and differences between each. This study might open the way for creating a discourse based corpus that can be used by other researchers experimenting in the same field.