Mr. Hussein Magdy
The Opportunities and Challenges of Applying the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSS) on Road Transport in Egypt: A Case Study of Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
Abstract Purpose - this study focus on the benefits and opportunities of a broad field called Intelligent Transportation Systems, discuss their applications, used technologies and their usage in different areas through a wide range of user services. Furthermore, to investigate the applicability of implementing the Intelligent Transport System ITS in Egypt. Design/methodology/approach - the research adapted a descriptive case study that was conducted on one of the main Egyptian highways which is “Cairo-Alexandria desert highway”. In order to investigate the applicability of the ITS, in-depth interviews were carried out with two parties: the first party was the constructor of the highway “Arab Constructors Company”, and the second party are the trucking companies as users of the highway. Moreover, a focus group was conducted with freight forwarders companies in order to verify the current problems on Cairo-Alexandria desert highway and best practice to overcome these problems. Findings - it shows that there are a lot of challenges to adapt ITS in transport road in Egypt, while others indicated that if it is applied in Egypt that would have a huge positive effect on a lot of sectors. Research limitations/implications - This study meets some limitations, this is because ITS is a very broad field that consists of several groups of applications with technologies. However, these limitations may be considered as a starting point for further researchers. Keywords - Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Transport in Egypt Paper type - Research paper