Mohamed M. El Azzazzy
Street Names Tell the History of the Neighbourhood: The Potential Role of Street Name Plates in the Conservation of the Historic Urban Landscape of El-Zamalek, Cairo
The Pace of recent transformations in the urban fabric of Egyptian cities caused major changes in the distinctive image of most of their districts. The investigation presented in this article is part of a larger study that examines this on-going phenomenon in El-Zamalek district of Cairo - a historic settlement that was once the fashionable neighbourhood of Cairo. Through a historical study of the development of the island of El-Zamalek, this article documents how the naming of streets has been influenced by the specificities of the different stages of the urbanization of the district and the various social and political events changes that have marked it. The article intends to bring attention to the potential role of street name plates in future projects for the conservation of the urban landscape of El-Zamalek.