Sherif D Helmy
Container Evolution Impact on Suez Canal Corridor Development
On August 5th 2014, Egypt surprised the world by launching a mega project of the century which said to be the New Suez Canal, where the Suez Canal has a global importance due to the unique location as point for markets and global trade routes connecting most of the world trade between Asia, Europe and eastern America through the canal which represent the shortest distance and time for the world trade. Based on the successful shipping market trade coping with increasing world trade which is mainly running between Asia and Europe via the Suez Canal refer to Containerized shipping industry which represent the backbone of this kind of trade. According to its quick handling and saving time with prospects of increasing the present volumes of that trade in the near future make the ship owners looking forward to make designs for mega container instead of being equivalent to that rise with fewer coats. However some problems present becoming an obstacle against ships to enter and sail in all world ports, while these problems can be possibly solved by the improvement in Suez canal region and it may have a positive impact on the new Suez Canal project and become a solution for the development and economic growth of Egypt in the twenty first century. By improvement and enhancing the role of Suez Canal regions area it can be used to attract more shipping lines, industrial and investments by adopting logistics industry which is an essential needed, The Suez Canal region can be transferred from facilitating traffic to trade which participate in a strong manner of the world trade allowing Egypt to restore its global position.