Sherif D Helmy
ship scraping-recycling industries and its environmental impact on marine life
Ship scraping-recycling industry is an important source for developing countries especially in south Asia for supply row materials, re-use of machinery and recycle fuels residuals. It is also offers a plenty of jobs opportunity for thousands of people and necessary for recycling the ships that are represents the best choice for reaching their end of operational life. The result of this method in the dismantling of ships are commonly represent high levels of hazards and reflected negatively on the marine environment and adversely affect the communities which are often rely on agriculture and fishing for survival. As for each year a number of ships have been dismantling contain large amounts of toxic and hazardous materials in developing nations in a present of lack in restrictions for environmental and short in implementation convention, the aim of this paper is to help to overcome the challenges involved in ship scraping-recycling industry and how can be minimize the environmental impact on marine Life.