Sameh K Ibrahim rashed
The Integrated efforts required to maintain the Safety and security processes for Passenger ships
The world cruise ship industry is a lucrative and controversial activity that operates along nations’ coasts and in international waters. According to a World Tourism. Organization (WTO) report the number of global cruise passengers over the past decade has increased at almost twice the pace of overall international tourist arrivals, resulting the cruise ship industry along the different coasts of the globe has been increasing in size and complexity over the past decade . The passenger ship is a ship which carries more than 12 passengers on an international voyage .The requirement for passenger ships is a high profile and presents unique safety and security challenges. Moreover, the number of incidents during the past two decades led to the importance of the improvements in safety and security requirements measures. The cruise industry’s highest priority is to ensure the safety and security of every person on board from passengers to crewmembers. Thus Passenger ship's operations today are subject to a vast array of regulations that covering every aspect of any passenger ship. The paper addresses a vision illustrates the efforts of all influence parties which must be co-operated in maintaining passenger ships safety and security standards (passenger ship, ship operators and authorities and administrations),also it includes a case study focusing on the paper goal and prove that all passenger vessel's disasters can be traced to a failure in any of the influence parties efforts.