Sameh K Ibrahim rashed
Towards efficient coastal Search and Rescue operations
A search and rescue operation is initiated generally as a result of receiving a distress signal, either directly from a distressed vessel aircraft, via a third party. Saving human life is the primary responsibility of all participants in Maritime search and rescue operations. Although vessels, for the most part merchant vessels, on high seas coastal waters are not designated as maritime search and rescue facilities, they are obliged by various international maritime conventions to provide assistance to persons in distress at sea. In order to face extraordinary circumstances, the efficient and well-prepared plans and urgent procurements for maritime search and rescue operations should exist, and all participants must acquaint the maritime search and rescue regulations and conventions. Moreover, the required ideal and effectual monitoring for search and rescue processes in the event of a major and prolonged, very complex, maritime search and rescue operations can be achieved by the front-line search and rescue organizations, that are responsible for ensuring the most effective arrangements to save lives and properties, in addition to mitigate the threat of vessels catastrophe. To accomplish such appropriate manners, nations and/or authorities involved in responding to vessels emergency and casualty, should take on suitable great efforts in the developing the efficiency of human elements, that operates maritime search and rescue of coastal regions control centers, supply the rescue coordinating centers- RCCs, by electronic aids for controlling, planning and monitoring the SAR operations, and activate and encourage the role of the volunteers in maritime SAR systems. The paper reveals a vision illustrates the importance of maritime SAR human element in SAR operations, and demonstrates the experience of Saudi Border Guards in training and preparing such members, as a case study. Also the consequences of usage of electronic instruments as aids to control and monitoring on scene maritime SAR operations, and finally the role of volunteers in increasing the efficiency of maritime SAR systems, explain the Canadian volunteers system as an example. Key Words: SAR – Volunteers – Human element - SARMAP- SARIS – CCGA - Border Guard – Frontier Guard