Hani M Shehda Abdelal
The globalization affects the world container production in the global economy and led to a significant increase in the transportation industry. This change has led to a large extent in the maritime transport and shipping. In the other hand, the competition between countries and regions economically. Which it caused the information revolution, and the role played by global political events that painted a new form of business climate at all levels, resulting in the emergence of new policies to address these challenges by operators and seaport authorities. The port competitive become in the top of the topics that received the attention of port operators and authorities, especially after the growing role of ports in foreign trade operations of the States, which resulted in his excellence as influential in the economies of countries and their development. and based on this work was a study on the practical application of the East Port Said - Port Said port and improve the performance in terms of productivity during the recent period compared to the ports of the Mediterranean Sea.