El-Badr Mohamed Osman
A Continual Automated Dynamic Site Layout Planning System (CADSLPS)
Allocating an optimal space for site facilities in the construction site before the project starts is a problem known as site layout planning. In current practice, site layout objects are often located in the best available space on a first-come first-served basis. This can lead to decreased safety and productivity, impose unnecessary relocation costs on the project. An efficient site layout can have a significant impact on the productivity, cost, and safety on construction sites. Although a lot of automated site layout systems had been developed, none of these models has been adopted by the construction industry so far. This is due to the shortcomings and limitations of these systems. This paper introduces a Continual Automated Dynamic Site Layout Planning System (CADSLPS) to perform the task of site layout planning and reflect the dynamic nature of real sites over the project’s duration. The CADSLPS utilizes Genetic Algorithms (GA) as a multi-objective optimization (MOO) engine in order to enable the simultaneous optimization of the construction cost, time, and safety. The performance of the CADSLPS demonstrated on a real site layout for construction project and the optimum solution obtained is compared with the one developed in the real site.