Shady Y Mohamed
North-South asymmetry of the solar parameters during the different solar cycles
Data of the solar and interplanetary parameters (IMF magnitude B, Solar wind speed V, Proton density n, and the Proton temperature T) during the period from 1975 to 2013, have been used to examine the asymmetry between the solar field north and south of the eliospheric current sheet (HCS). In this work, the asymmetry of the IMF magnitude is obvious, and has no magnetic solar cycle dependence over the considered epochs. The solar wind speed V is faster by about 26.9 km/s for toward polarity days than for away polarity days when the IMF points away from the Sun north of the current sheet and toward the Sun south of it. In addition, the solar plasma was more dense, hotter, and faster north of the HCS than south of it during cycles 22, and 23. Large asymmetries in V, n, and T occurred in 1994. Finally, we conclude that the asymmetry is real, and is a good indicator in studying the solar activity.