Sahar Mohamed Raafat Abu Gharara
Measuring the effectiveness of social advertising campaigns in shaping youths' behavioral intentions, with the moderating role of advertising skepticism
Purpose - The aim of this paper is to measure the effectiveness of social advertising campaign in shaping youths' behavioral intentions, with the moderating role of advertising skepticism. Design/Methodology/Approach – face-to-face interviews were conducted in Alexandria and Cairo with 400 respondents using a structured questionnaire. Findings - The findings showed that the Egyptian youth were less likely to be influenced through the central route of persuasion than the peripheral route of persuasion. Moreover, it was observed that the Egyptian youth are skeptic towards social advertising, which in turn, makes them less likely to adopt the social behavior advertised for. Practical Implications – the study highlights the need for marketers and public policy makers in Egypt to tailor social marketing campaigns and programs that is specially directed at the youth segment of the Egyptian population, regarding the type of campaign message, the techniques used to attract the youths’ attention, etc. taking into account the unique psychological nature of the Egyptian youth and the distinctive characteristics concerning the design of social advertising. Originality/Value - This study contributed academically by applying the Advertising Response Model (ARM) to measure social advertising in Egypt with advertising skepticism as a moderating variable in order to measure the Egyptian youth’s intention to adopt advertised favorable social behavior. Moreover, a number of central and peripheral cues were combined together in a constructed model that was not used in prior studies. This study also contributed practically by determining effective designs for social advertising that can be implemented in the Egyptian context in order to target the youth. Keywords: Social Marketing, Elaboration Likelihood Model, Advertising Response Model, Youth, Advertising Effectiveness, Skepticism