Sherif M Fathalla
Effictivness of the ISM on marine pollution through PSC
The IMO implemented the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM Code), the first set of international regulations which attempt to integrate shore-based and shipboard operations to promote the safe operation of vessels and prevention of pollution. After exploring the purpose of the ISM Code, this paper will demonstrate the effects of the Code on marine pollution for five years. From the main causes of the safety deficiencies by PSC in vessel operation the deficiencies related to prevention of pollution and by observing those deficiencies from the annual reports of paris MOU on PSC from year 2004 to year 2008 and monthly detention lists during the Period from February 2008 To February 2010, it was found that the deficiencies related to prevention of pollution is increased with the progress of time and there are many types of vessels detained due to those deficiencies. So, it is found that after more than ten years from the implementation of the ISM code and the basic SMS implementation stages which had been established taking into account the related international legislation in the navigation companies was not able to provide more safety and enough environmental protection in ship operation.