Sherif M Fathalla
The Arab revulsion influence on maritime labor
Since the revolution of January 25, 2010 and till now Egypt going through difficult period of time afficting the Egyptian people, at least to those who have not Iesr Revolution of July 23, 1952. In this period many of events happened that touched all aspects of life. One of the areas which severly touched is the Egyptian labor in general and in articular maritime labor. The revolution had a negative impact on both of them.So, had to research that impact through this paper, Which addresses the recent history of labor migration, especially in the period of revolution and its impact on employment and the economy of Egypt. Also employment classified and study each category separately and its impact on employment in general and in articular maritime labor, then look at the implications on Egyptian workers because of these revolutions, and from it to the desired outcomes of the revolutions on Egyptian workers for elaboration in the form of recommendations are applicable to those interested in the Egyptian labor and maritime labor, which is one of the pillars of the Egyptian economy and the nucleus of the progress and prosperity for our nation, Egypt.