Sherif M Fathalla
Port human resources performance Improvement through occupational health and safety traininG
ABSTRACT: It has been widely recognized that ports are challenging places to work due to the existence of wide variety of hazards and risks arising from several multiple types of operation activities which are always kept in progress regardless of time and weather. The Port performance improvement greatly depends on the safe behaviors of port workers and employees and their understanding and awareness of the risks and hazards involved in their work. To develop such qualified human resources that are competent to work in such hazardous workplaces and complied with the port industry requirements and needs, a sufficient and job-related training on the Occupational health and safety must be considered in order to ensure the protection of port workers against occupational accidents and diseases attached to their work, with appropriate focus on the working conditions, safe work practices, personal safety and welfare of the workforce. This type of training is considered a basic and vital Activity area of human resources development. This paper aims to demonstrate the positive impact and importance of the risk management, safety culture, quality assurance, behavioral safety systems and occupational health and safety programs on port human resources performance improvement. Keywords: Port, Human Resources, training, occupational, safety, Health, performance.