Ayman S Beheary
Methods of Monitoring and Tracking Containers throw the diffrent means of transportation
Abstract: The world security standards have changed after the eleventh of September and the collapse of New York twin towers through the use of civil aircraft in the sabotage, this ruled out the use of any means to cause mass destruction in any part of the world. Looking to the steady increase in the use of containers in transport, especially with the possibility of the use of multimodal transport media, also the development which occurred to logistics systems and services developed in the global transportation industry, which occurred in parallel with the development of methods of criminal groups in the use of modern methods to create unrest in the world, summoned all the control systems and tracking of goods transported between the countries of the world, particularly those transmitted within the containers. Emerged from this perspective, methods of monitoring using different radiation to see what inside the container without opening it which affected the detection of several cases of smuggling of human beings, drugs weapons and others. Also methods of tracking of the container, which ensure no reported cases of the opening of the container occur at any point during the transport of the container, either by land, sea air. Hence this paper deals with ways to secure and track containers in different means of transport starting with shipping the goods in the place of shipment and during the trans-shipment to other ports until their arrival at the point of final destination. Keywords: E-Security – Container – Smuggling – illegal migrants – Rays – Security Box