Ayman S Beheary
الصعوبات والتحديات التي تواجه العماله البحريه وطرق علاجها
Abstract Egyptian maritime labor is facing many challenges which impede the ability of these seafarers to get a suitable job in the global maritime fleet which increasing the unemployment problems faced, one of these reasons reducing the numbers of the Egyptian fleet period recently .Also that they were unable to work on board foreign vessels due to the lack of sufficient marketing by the Egyptian authorities, moreover the English is one of the major constraints faced by the Egyptian crew .Also most of Egyptians seafarers directed to maritime brokers to find jobs aboard of foreign vessels which led to the problem of extortion, which may be exposed. Certification is another obstacles that have emerged strongly in times recently and work to treat quickly to open new labor markets.also we spot about insurance coverage and health insurance of the seamen, also we should considered to the experience of other countries in the world fleet such as the Philippines, which is one of the most successful experiments that have succeeded in to install themselves and prove them significantly in the world. The research also highlights about the problems that impede the work of seafarers, and that limit their employment internationally also the research deals with the solutions proposed to be followed to raise the level of Egyptian seafarers so that they can be compared to his fellow in the world and the solutions proposed to work on the clearance of obstacles faced by the sea to work on board merchant vessels around the world.