Ayman S Beheary
آليات ايجاد فرص عمل لحديثي التخرج كجزء من الكوادر البحرية المصرية
Abstract: Most States are interested in shipping industry, because of their economic impact, and are focusing on the development of human resources, by raising the level of staff training and education, the application of the relevant international conventions so that they can compete for crewing ships that roam the world. Recently the State suffer from increasing numbers of workers in Egypt, despite a shortage of labor at the global level, unfortunately, the Egyptian sailor cannot work onboard the global fleet, for several reasons including the lack of access to marketing companies to major corporations because of marketing problems. There are several ways to solve the problem of increasing the rate of unemployment, the Egyptian maritime employment which can be applied internally to open employment opportunities, for instance, use of maritime employment in Pilotage in the Egyptian ports, and how to rehabilitate the fresh graduated officers, working as pilots in Egyptian ports, creating jobs and reducing unemployment, as well as officers graduate as a Flag State Control Officer (FSCO) until the officer meets the requirements of the memorandum of understanding to serve as a Port State Control Officer (PSCO). The state can apply these proposals by amending the regulations governing those functions to implement that vision to create a new generation of young highly experienced Pilots and Port State Control Officers (PSCO), which will benefit them to work globally, which is in the interest of the national economy by increasing hard currency, more and above to reduce unemployment, a problem with the first priority now a days that should be solved immediately