Ahmed D Khalifa Ahmed
The Role of Shipping Companies in The Fight Against Maritime Piracy
Maritime piracy operations began in the Somali coasts with the collapse of the State in 1991 and the fact that elements of the Somali fishermen attacking foreign fishing vessels off the Somali coast , which raised the value of the insurance fees on ships passing through the Gulf of Aden by a large margin . - The use of private security companies to provide services to combat piracy in different parts of the world strategically important waterways until the waters of the Gulf of Aden , which led to the high cost of shipping . - There are no binding laws dealing with the use of armed guards belonging to private companies on board ships and due to lack of adoption of standardized protocols regulate traffic and licensing and storage of weapons transiting the waters of the other coastal countries, and therefore the Maritime Safety Committee of the Mnma Navy in January 2008 recommended that the states that raise flag vessels in cooperation with ship owners to develop policies regarding the use of armed guards on board ships . - There is no real benefit of security functional categories recruited in shipping companies ( navigational company security officer CSO - ship security officer SSO - port security officer enamel PFSO) and especially that shipping companies have begun to turn to private security companies and that may cost it exorbitant amounts therefore the recommendations of the research paper requested to re-examine by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) the immunization of security functional categories recruited in shipping countries and navigational code stipulated by the international Maritime security (ISPS Code) so that the security system company is an integrated navigational system .