Yasser M. Mostafa
Towards the Comprehensive and Systematic Assessment of the Adaptive Reuse of Islamic Architectural Heritage in Cairo: A Conceptual Framework
Purpose – Many of the heritage adaptive reuse projects in Islamic Cairo did not report success. Existing evaluations are usually drawn from a singular perspective – such as preservation and sustainability. The purpose of this paper is to generate a comprehensive assessment framework of adaptively reused heritage buildings that is specifically developed for the case of Islamic heritage of Cairo. Design/methodology/approach – This paper depends on an extensive literature review about primary goals of adapting heritage for reuse. Related to each goal, multiple criteria of assessment are derived from literature, and then explained to mention worldwide benchmarks in that field. Findings – A successful heritage adaptation project shall aim to achieve: building preservation, success of new function, and local community development. The framework is able to organize the adaptive reuse literature in general, and to specifically provide direct goals and guidelines in the case of Cairo. Research limitations/implications – In research and practice, priorities of heritage reuse vary from case-to case however, this paper considers all assessment criteria to be of equal importance. Practical implications – In order to apply and technically develop this assessment framework, future research can describe methodologies for assessment and to set optimum quantitative and/or qualitative indicators’ thresholds for each criterion. Social implications – This paper highlights that new uses of heritage buildings should be assessed for having a role in the upgrading the socio-economic milieu of the people living. The new functions shall act as a stimulant for economic upraising and social reinforcement for the local business and small traditional industries. Originality/value – The framework can be used as a checklist in either the planning of adaptive reuse projects the evaluation of already completed ones. The framework shall assist governmental institutions, developers, owners, community groups, practitioners, and others in bringing forward successful adaptation schemes in Cairo.