Rabab O Mohamed Fathi
The variables that affect the stock prices in egypt
The objective of this research is to examine and analyze the main factors that affect the stock prices in Egyptian stock market to help companies' management to increase their firm value. The researcher analyzed EGX30, EGX70 and EGX100 from the period of year 2008 to year 2012, only five companies that match the purpose of this research. The issue of these shares are Maridive & oil services, Egyptian Satellites (Nile Sat), Egyptian Gulf Bank, Faisal Islamic Bank and Egyptian Kuwait Holding. All of them are joint stock companies. The research methodology was quantitative and aimed to analyze EGX30, EGX70 and EGX100 and to analyze the Selected companies to determine the factors that affect the stock price in Egypt. The researcher deployed the simple and the multiple regression analysis in order to identify the type of relationship between the dependent and the independent variables. The research problem is to investigate what are the main variables that influencing the stock prices in the Egyptian market.