Sally Yassin
“Determine the effect of relationship between internal marketing variables and employees’ job satisfaction and organizational commitment: Case study of Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport”
Abstract This research presents information on the relationship between internal marketing and job satisfaction, and between job satisfaction and organizational commitment, using a case study method. The case study is of the Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transportation. The research design was descriptive with a hypothesis, and a quantitative data collection method was used in this research. Automated random sampling was used. The sample drawn was from Alexandria Abu Kier Campus of the AAST. A probability area sampling technique was used to collect 305 usable questionnaires. The results of the data analysis show that all the variables studied have an effect on job satisfaction, while job satisfaction in turn has an effect on organizational commitment. The findings of the study lead to many recommendations for the managers in the Arab Academy, as well as some suggestions for future studies.