Ibrahim El-Attar
maritime safetysecurity: the trendfuture, charting the way forward
abstractrnrnrnthe imperative responsibility of maritime traffic in world trade has tinted increased correlated risksintimidation. collisions in congested waters, illegal immigration, piracycargo looting in ports ,terrorist attacksnew piracy methods could result in serious humanenvironmental disasters with rigorous economical consequences on the global economy, especially as it’s a well acknowledged fact that 80% of the world trade is transported at sea.rnrnwith today’s ever-increasing maritime interchange, ensuring the wellbeing of ships crew, cargovessels from port of departure to final port of destination, requires efforts by legislating entitiesvarious maritime agencies, to facilitate " safer ships, cleaner seas" lord donaldson's, 1995, cambridge journal .rnrnthis paper will discuss miscellaneous solutions to promote maritime industrial safety, highlighting vital role of maritime trainingeducation institutes as a corner stone in whole maritime industry.rnrn