Sherine Shafik Aly
The communities people live in today are different from the communities of the future. These communities will be different because they will face a new set of socioeconomic, technological and global forces. Population growth and man consumption will lead to the destruction of living and non-living foundation leading to urban, economic, administrative and social problems. At stake is the quality of life not only for the present generation but also for the future generation. So people have to alter the way they design and develop their communities. Sustainability is the way to optimize the future. The related concepts of sustainability are integral to green architecture which brings together a vast array of impacts of buildings on the environment and human health. On the aesthetic side of green architecture is the philosophy of designing a building that is in harmony with the natural features and the urban context surrounding the site. Architecture presents a unique challenge in the field of Sustainability. In the past, attention has been primarily focused on the size of building stock. Quality issues have hardly played a significant role. However, the demand for quality is growing in importance. Accordingly, policies that contribute to the concepts and issues of green architecture should be implemented. The research presents Green Architecture which is the thoughtful integration of architecture with electrical, mechanical and structural engineering. In addition to concern for the traditional aesthetics of massing, proportion, scale, texture, shadow and light. Green architecture involves a combination of values: aesthetic, environmental, social, political and moral. The research analyzes some examples of green architecture to achieve a new vision and principles for green architecture. It also concludes that smart architects think rationally about a combination of issues including sustainability, durability, longevity, appropriate materials and sense of place. The challenge is finding the balance between environmental conditions and economic constraints. Consideration must be given to the needs of our communities and the ecosystem that supports them. Key words: Green architecture, Eco-design, Sustainable Design, Sustainable communities, Environmental design, High performance building.