Sherine Shafik Aly
There are many obstacles that face the future vision towards urban sustainability in developing countries. One of these obstacles is the booming phenomena called "the informal settlements". Informal urban growth has been the primary trend of urban growth, especially in developing countries where there is a lack of proper urban planning and management. In developing countries low income people cannot afford buying houses, instead they build their own houses on illegal lands. Although the government has made many efforts to limit the informal settlement urban sprawl but yet it continues to grow. Although, informal settlements are always seen as threat to the society and source of endless problems, Informal settlements has a big portion of the urban population in Egypt. Informal settlements problems have been neglected for many years by the government. Even though, informal settlements have many negative impacts on the social, economic, and environmental scale. Yet there are some advantages that worth improving informal urban environment. Informal settlements urban sprawl is increasing each day in Egypt due to the absence of building law regulations, lack of affordable housing to low income people, lack of planning, and migration. Informal settlements urban sprawl is damaging the city image, and cities architectural trends. Also, it decreases the percentage of open spaces in the city. Nowadays the world is trying to adapt a new concept called "affordable housing techniques" in order to upgrade informal settlements and fulfill the needs of low income people. This research explores informal settlements sustainable upgrading method and how these methods can be applied on the field work .The research aims to achieve an action plan to upgrade informal settlements as a mean of sustainable urban development. To achieve these aims the research will highlight the definition, characteristics and different upgrading methods of informal settlements also, highlight what is affordable housing and how can affordable housing technique help in upgrading informal settlements , exploring the relationship between affordable housing and sustainable development of informal settlements.. Then, analyzing relevant examples and comparing between them to emphasize the theoretical part, achieving an action plan that can be applied on the case study "Al-Haramen" Alexandria, Egypt. Key words: Urban Sustainability, Informal settlements, Affordable housing, Action Plan.