Amira H El Hakeh
Towards An Effective Wayfinding, An analysis in Downtown Alexandria , Egypt
Abstract—During the last century Egyptian major cities have encountered great expansion. Due to this, most visitors of these cities have started losing their way around, a fact which affects negatively their visiting experience. Many solutions have been considered by various planners but wayfinding systems adopted are deficient due to neglecting important elements contributing to wayfinding clarity. Therefore, understanding urban wayfinding design basics can help designers to enhance visitors experience within a new urban space. The aim of this paper is to provide a methodology that would help designers elaborate a comprehensive wayfinding plan. Therefore, the physical aspects of the urban area will be explored, as well as the virtual systems and their application in wayfinding. The research is based on an analytical study of the wayfinding system implemented on an area within Alexandria downtown. From this analysis, recommendations were proposed, leading to a comprehensive wayfinding design system useful for familiar and non familiar visitors.