Mr. Islam Abd El-Bary
The Economic Effects of Illicit Drug’s Trade, with an Application on Egypt
The main objective of this study is to determine the size of the problem of illicit drugs trade at the global and national level. The main hypothesis of the study is that the illicit drug trade has a negative impact on the economy. The study have used the analytical descriptive method with suitable graphical and/or mathematical tools to achieve its objectives and to test the hypothesis The study is divided into three main parts: The First Part is theoretical. It is focused on the micro and macro analysis of the economic aspects of the problem. The Second Part is applied. It contains two sections. The first one illustrates the illicit drug problem at the global level and discusses the current global situation that deals with the global status of agriculture, trafficking, production, distribution and consumption. The second section analyses the supply and demand sides in the Egyptian drug markets and presents the economic impacts on the Egyptian economy through calculating the economic cost of drug abuse by using Cost Of Illness Framework. Finally, The Third Part of the study suggests and recommends policies and strategies to combat illegal drugs from an economic perspective, by focusing on policies that reduce supply side as well as demand side. At the end the study illustrates how to maximize the efficiently of these policies to activate the efforts of drug control.