Mohamed A. Solayman El Sherif
الهجرة غير الشرعية براً وبحراً "آليات إقليمية ودولية للحد من هذه الظاهرة"
Research Abstract A reasons leading to the growing immigration rate are various such as economic, political and social reasons on top of all comes the rising cost of living, the low wages and lack of job opportunities specially for young people that have university qualifications and increasing population and dazzlement of the youth of western thought and its freedoms and luxuries. All these factors are the cause behind the immigration of many young people to European countries hoping to get a better social status. This research addresses an important issue that has emerged lately which is the issue of illegal immigration to European countries as it took a major part of the discussion on the political and social arena both internationally and regionally. This phenomenon has caused a lot of risks and crises that inflicted damage on immigrants, particularly the sending and receiving countries. This research also discusses the different tracks of immigrants as the immigration paths differ from one immigrant to another according to the country of origin and the country of destination, the paths of illegal immigration varied between different African and European countries without being bound by border barriers passing through some of the transit countries which are increasing in number specially for the immigrant coming from Southern African countries such as Somalia and others as this immigrant suffers more than others because of length of the trip. As some African countries has geographical importance especially Egypt because of its distinguished geographical location, this made it a destination of any country that is a receptor of immigrants and a crossing country a transit country for immigrants as well as being an exporting country for immigrants. Because of the events of the Arab Spring "Arab revolutions" and civil wars in some Arab countries such as Syria and Yemen and others, Egypt have been affected as it has received many immigrants from different countries where to them, Egypt became the country of destination and for some others a transit country. The research also discusses some of the efforts and conventions that have been concluded and held between many African and European countries to curb illegal immigration. The research also discussed the Egyptian laws related to immigration and Egyptian efforts to address this phenomenon. In spite of the restrictions and international agreements between countries, because of the suffering of the immigrant, he ignores all these difficulties in order to achieve his goal. The thesis will discuss the future point of view of the researcher in Egypt about the immigration of the Egyptian youth to find different solutions to reduce the immigration of Egyptian youth.