Hesham E Aly Elsayed
The development strategy of the passenger ships on the maritime line between Egypt and Saudi Arabia using the HSC
The marine line that exists between the Red Sea ports especially between Egypt and Saudi Arabia is considered to be the most vital and important lines which are allocated for transferring passengers where as 250 000 passenger travel between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, so the vessels that exist in this line were considered as the most important means of transportation. After that it was noticed that these vessels age has exceeded 25 years and has a large number of crewmen (90-100 person), also the passenger on this line has special nature as he is not well-trained to use the safety means and the crew cannot explain the marine safety means easily. Recently, some statistics have confirmed that on the accidents at this line, the safety means have not been followed, so the mainstream in the last ten years was directed to the high speed craft whereas the crewmen number is small, each passenger can recognize the safety means easily and the crew is well-trained to use these means and give the passengers the experience to use them, so the interaction between the crew and the passengers is much easier. This paper was to determine the problems that occur wherein the training on the safety means of the passenger vessels that exist now a days in the marine line between Egypt and Saudi Arabia and its development to the high speed craft, also describe the marine safety specifications and the crew's interaction with the passengers to give them all the safety information that will help them when they travel on it.