Hesham E Aly Elsayed
The environmental aspects of the ballast water convention on marine environment
Ballast water is required for the safety and stability of the ship, Ballast known as “any solid liquid place in a ship to increase the draft to change the trim”, Ballast water contain viruses, bacteria, protests and microalgae which are three fields with high densities in natural water, able to from resting stages. The international maritime organization (IMO) has actively taken regulated measure to minimize the species transfer by adopting the international convention for the control and management of the ships’ ballast water and sediments 2004, but till now doesn't into force which will enter into force 2016. Many countries started implementation the convention for example Canada implement the convention by way of amendment to the regulation from 2010, Canada made ballast water control and management regulation to be affective on the great lakes. The paper will discuss the effect of the convention, how Canada implemented this convention and how Egypt will prepare for implementation of this convention.