Ahmed Ghazel
Motivation to attend to a cultural event: Profiling Deauville Asian Film Festival attendees
Film festivals can play an important role in the economy of a city. However, few researches have been done on this subject. This research aims to understand the attendance motivation of a film festival. Taking the case of the Asian Film Festival in Deauville, a survey with 214 respondents was undertaken in order to identify the different motivations for the festival attendance. Data was collected using structured questionnaires and a scale based on past research adapted to film festivals. Key findings are the extraction of six motivational factors: Escapism, Watching, Content Specificity, Socialization, Event Experience, and Opportunity for Family Sharing. Those factors were used to sort the different attendees’ profile: Local Families, Serious Watchers, Visiting Families, Casual Observers, Routine Escapers, and Event Lovers. Managerial implications involve a contribution to a better understanding of the attendance and, as a consequence, development of a more effective marketing strategy.