Ahmed Ghazel
Motivation to attend to a cultural event and the role of social network on attendees' satisfaction The Case of Asian Film Festival
Purpose - The primary purpose of the research is to analyze the impact of the online social networking on the participant’s satisfaction, recommendation, and intention to revisit, and to understand the attendance motivation of the Asian Film Festival attendees. Methodology - A survey made up of three main sections measuring the motivation of participation on the online social network the motivation of the festival attendance and the satisfaction, recommendation, and intention to revisit was prepared. The factors were deprived from previously accomplished studies, which are similar to the study, as the questions were also adapted to obtain the required data. Data were collected using structured questionnaires, which were distributed randomly during the Asian Film Festival, in Deauville - France, on the festival attendees. The respondents included ‘The Asian Film Festival’ group members on Facebook and non-members, who were then asked to reply to the second section of the questionnaire to justify their attendance motivation, and their satisfaction level, willing to recommend, and intention to revisit the festival in the future in order to recognize the effect of the social network usage on the satisfaction. The data was then statistically analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Findings - The key findings of the study are the extraction of six motivational factors to attend the Asian Film Festival, and they are: Escapism, Watching, Content Specificity, Having Fun, Event experience in general, and Family sharing. The research also indicated the Social Network group associated to the festival has no effect on the attendees’ satisfaction, recommendation, and intention to revisit.