Mohamed Abd El Fatah Mohamed Teamah
m.a. el-hifni, m.a.teamah, e.i. eidw. m. el-maghlany" analyticalexperimental investigations of climatic periodic heat transfer through insulating layers in buildings " first international conference of energy engineering icee-1, aswan, egypt (2008)
this paper introduces an investigation of periodic heat transfer characteristics through the solid layers analyticallynumerically. the solid layer was assumed to be exposed to an external medium having a periodic temperature variation on one side. while, the other side is subjected to a medium having a constant temperature. three different initial temperature distributions through the layer thickness were studied. the initial temperature distributions through the layer thickness were assumed to be constant at zero, constant at non-zerolinear distributions. the analytical solution was carried out by using laplace transformthe inversion theorem. the numerical solution was done using the finite difference methodthe conduction transfer function method. the analyticalnumerical solutions found the instantaneous temperatureheat fluxes at both innerouter surfaces of the solid layer. a cork slap was ed to be the solid layer as a case study. the spatialtemporal temperature through the cork slap was found. the results show that the linear initial temperature distribution is more realistic rather than the zeronon-zero initial temperature distributions. after enough time, the initial temperature distribution through the layer has almost no effect on the results. the comparison between the results from both analyticalnumerical solutions shows quantitativequalitative agreements.