Mohamed Abd El Fatah Mohamed Teamah
effect of reynoldsprandtl numbers on laminar forcedconvection in horizontal pipe partially filled with porous material
laminar forced convective flow through a pipe partially filled with a porousrnmaterial is investigated numerically. the porous material has a cylindrical shape placed atrnz=0.05l from the pipe inlet. the momentum equations are used for describing the fluidrnflow in the clear region. the darcy -forcheimer-brinkman model is adopted to describe thernfluid transport in the porous region. the mathematical model for energy transport is basedrnon the one equation model which assumes that there is a local thermal equilibrium betweenrnthe fluidthe solid phases. the study covers a wide range of the dimensionless outerrnradius of the porous material 0  rp  1the effect of darcy number, 2x10 -4  da rn2x10-1. in addition, the reynolds number has values of 200, 400600 while prandtlrnnumber has values of 0.7, 5, 1020. through the study the ratio between pipe length tornouter diameterporosity were kept constant at 250.9 respectively.