Mohamed Abd El Fatah Mohamed Teamah
M. A. Teamah “Double diffusive laminar natural convection in a symmetrical trapezoidal enclosure” International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Vol. (1) No.3, pp. 373-391, (November 2006)
the objective of the present investigation is to study the laminar naturalrnheatmass transfer in a symmetrical trapezoidal enclosure. the base andrnceiling are isothermalisoconcentration surfaces, while the lateral walls arernconsidered adiabaticimpermeable. a mathematical model is derived andrnsolved numerically. both aidingopposing buoyancy forces have beenrnstudied. the investigation is made for wide range of buoyancy ratio n, -1 ”1rn”lqfolqdwlrqdqjoh3o ”3”o, lewis number le, 1 ”/h”dqgrnthermal grashof number grt, 2x103<grt<5x106 with fixed aspect ratio a, atrna=3,prandtl number pr, at pr=0.7. the effect of lewis number,rnbuoyancy ratiothermal grashof number on both average nusselt andrnaverage sherwood numbers are studied as well as the average nusselt andrnsherwood numbers were correlated in terms of buoyancy ratiolewisrnnumber. a comparison is made with the previous experimentalnumericalrnresults. the comparison shows a maximum deviation from –5% to +12.8%.