Mohamed Abd El Fatah Mohamed Teamah
m. a. teamah “numerical simulation of double diffusive natural convection in rectangular enclosure in the presences of magnetic fieldheat source” international journal of thermal sciences, vol. (47) no. 3 pp 237-248, (2008)
double-diffusive convective flow in a rectangular enclosure with the upperlower surfaces being insulatedimpermeable is studiedrnnumerically. constant temperaturesconcentration are imposed along the leftright walls of the enclosure. in addition, a uniform magneticrnfield is applied in a horizontal direction. laminar regime is considered under steady state condition. the transport equations for continuity,rnmomentum, energyspices transfer are solved. the numerical results are reported for the effect of thermal rayleigh number, heat generationrnor absorption coefficientthe hartmann number on the contours of streamline, temperature,concentration as well as the dimensionlessrndensity. in addition, the predicted results for the average nusseltsherwood numbers are presenteddiscussed for various parametricrnconditions. this study was done for constant aspect ratio a = 2, lewis number le = 1prandtl number pr = 0.7. the study covers ranges forrn103  rat  106, 0  ha  200, −50  φ  25−10  n  10.