Hend ElShoubashy
Mobile Voting in the Egyptian Context
To build a strong democratic country every citizen should practice his/her right to vote. During the elections, Egypt suffers in each of its electoral constituency at the election polls from crowd, hired thugs, people trying to impose their views on voters, and lack of privacy. The advances in information and communication technologies, has made it possible to engage Egyptian citizens in the country’s democratic process. Mobile devices in particular are extensively used in the Egyptian context, where with a population of around 85 million, there already over 70 million mobile subscribers. This highlights the high potential of m-government applications, which offer a wide range of services, on top of which is the mobile voting (m-voting). However, technology adoption is not only a matter of making it technically available, but is always framed in a social context. This makes m-voting in Egypt a tempting area to study. Accordingly, the study at hand, seeks to collect data about the current voting situation by videotaping the election polls during the coming parliament and presidential elections. Then, a structured questionnaire will be designed, and distributed over a sufficient number of Egyptian citizens, in order to get a better picture of the citizens’ preferences, attitude, and acceptance regarding the m-voting adoption. Finally, based on the data collected and analyzed, an m-voting prototype will be designed taking into consideration the technology adoption criteria in the Egyptian context.